RuiDa controller password

Default Ruida Password Candidates: RD8888 / rd8888 HF8888 / hf8888 CC8888 / cc8888 Note: the difference in case (RD8888 vs rd8888).


Ruida RDC5121 co2 laser controller is a simple 2-axis co2 laser cutter controller. The interface is easy to operate with a 2.0-inch black and white screen. It can only control two movement axes of XY and realize one laser energy following control at the same time Support USB2.0 and PC communication, and supports U disk … Read more


Ruida RDC6344G co2 laser controller is a new generation system for control of laser engraving and cutting In addition the co2 laser dsp controller high hardware stability, high voltage or static electricity rejection, and friendly 7″ touch panel man-machine display based on Linux.This co2 laser cutter controller is provided with stronger software function including perfect … Read more

Ruida 6445G-Mod5

Ruida RDC6445G-MOD5 series CO2 laser controller is an open-source HMI system.The CO2 laser control board is based on the MODBUS RTU communication protocol and is compatible with most of the touch screens on the market based on this protocol.We open the source code of HMI to our customers, and users can quickly customize their own … Read more

RD EngraveLab

RD Engravelab optimizes laser engraving workflows with all-inclusive toolsets that essentially eliminate the need to use any other software packages.It’s the ideal engraving software to maximize efficiency and profitability forbusinesses of all sizes.


Ruida RDC6563F offline fiber cutting controller is a fiber cutting controller. The fiber laser cutting controller has better hardware stability and anti-high voltage and anti-static characteristics. The LINUX-based man-machine fiber laser controller has a more friendly operation interface and powerful functions. The ruida fiber laser controller includes more complete and excellent motion control functions, large-capacity … Read more


Ruida Wireless Operating Handle

The Wireless Operating Panel BWK301R consists of two parts: a wireless panel and a wireless receiver. With wireless panel and wireless adapter communication, wireless receiver connection to RD motion controller, the user can control the cutting process reliably within a certain range (10-40 m) through the wireless panel, easy to operate.The system allows the user … Read more