Ruida Wireless Operating Handle

The Wireless Operating Panel BWK301R consists of two parts: a wireless panel and a wireless receiver. With wireless panel and wireless adapter communication, wireless receiver connection to RD motion controller, the user can control the cutting process reliably within a certain range (10-40 m) through the wireless panel, easy to operate.The system allows the user … Read more


ruida controller wifi

RD-WIFI is a wireless WIFI converter that enables the user to establish a wireless control LAN in cooperation with the RUIDA motion controller. This eliminates the need for a wired network connection, reducing costs and increasing flexibility. Check Price On Amazon Internet connection Configured Computer Choose the WIFI name”TP-LINK”, wireless connection showed “connected”, which means … Read more


Ruida RDC6445GT co2 laser controller is the latest generation of laser engraving/cutting controller developed. The co2 laser controller board has better hardware stability, high voltage resistance, and anti-static characteristics. Based on the human-machine interface of a 5-inch color touch screen, the operation interface is friendly and more powerful. The Ruida RDC6445GT is an upgraded version … Read more


Ruida RDC6442S DSP Controller used for Co2 Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine


Features Lightburn is a software application that is used to design, edit, and control laser cutters. It offers a user-friendly interface and a range of tools and features that make it easier to create and execute laser-cutting projects. Some of the key features of Lightburn include support for multiple file formats, real-time laser preview, grayscale … Read more


Ruida RDLC320-A is a laser-cutting controller. It is used to control and manage the operations of a laser-cutting machine. The controller receives commands from a computer and sends signals to the laser cutting machine’s components to execute the desired actions, such as cutting or engraving on a material. Ruida RDLC320-A is based on high-performance floating … Read more


Ruida Controller is a series of motion control systems used in laser engraving and cutting machines. It provides high-speed and precise control of the laser head for cutting and engraving various materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, and metal. The Ruida controller is known for its reliability and ease of use, and it is compatible … Read more