The Wireless Operating Panel BWK301R consists of two parts: a wireless panel and a wireless receiver. With wireless panel and wireless adapter communication, wireless receiver connection to RD motion controller, the user can control the cutting process reliably within a certain range (10-40 m) through the wireless panel, easy to operate.
The system allows the user can control the system in real-time in the production process, improving the working efficiency and easy to use and reliable. Parallel working with the controller operation panel, there is no interference with each other Wireless controller BWK301 only supports communication with the RDC64XXG motherboard.

  1. Control the start and stop of the cutting process;
  2. Control board reset:
  3. Follow open close, blowing open /close, auxiliary gas on off, speed control;
  4. Shooting, positioning, borders, back to stop, cancel, and other operations:
  5. Control the movement of X, Y, Z, axis
  6. Connection instructions, power instructions, and status display:
  7. The one-to-one pairing of transmitter and receiver, no interference with each other;
Ruida co2 laser controller Wireless Handle


  1. Wireless communication range: 40 meters;
  2. Standby time: more than 1 month;
  3. Product accessories: DB9 female to 2 3PIN connection cables
    (one 3.81mm, one 2.54mm)-40.0cm
  4. Wireless handle size: 76mm x 145mm
  5. Wireless receiver size: 50mm x 57mm
  6. Antenna model: Spiral antenna
  7. Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
  8. Environment:-20℃~70℃



Ruida co2 laser controller Wireless Handle