RDC6332M – RuiDa Controller

Ruida RDC6332M hybrid cutting controller is a hybrid cutting system based on the proven RDC6332G co2 laser controller, which is specially developed to combine the processing of sheet metal and non-metal cutting. Based on this co2 laser DSP controller, it can realize metal cutting and non-metal cutting. The Ruida RDC6332M (with touch screen) are metal … Read more


Ruida RDC6685U CO2 Laser Controller

Ruida RDC6685U/RDC6685U-DFM co2 laser controller is the latest generation of dual X/Y coordinate system controller, the ruida co2 laser controller has better hardware stability, with better anti-voltage and anti-static interference characteristics. The man-machine operating system based on a 5-inch color screen has a more friendly operation interface and more powerful functions. Among them, RDC6685U is … Read more


RDV6445G - RuiDa Controller

The Ruida RDV6445G CCD Visual CO2 Laser Controller is a camera vision system for laser cutting and engraving. It features a 5-inch color screen, digital keys, and a standalone design with 128 MB of onboard memory. The system supports USB/Ethernet communication and a U disk for storage. The manufacturer or user parameters can be changed … Read more

RUIDA RDWorks Software

What is Ruida RDWork Software Used for? RUIDA RDWorks is a software used for controlling laser engraving and cutting machines manufactured by RUIDA Technology. The software provides users with a graphical user interface to create, edit, and execute laser engraving and cutting jobs. It is compatible with a wide range of vector formats including DXF, … Read more


The Ruida RDC5121 Lite Version is a digital signal processor (DSP) controller for a CO2 laser engraving and cutting machine. It is used to control the laser’s power and speed, as well as other parameters, to ensure precise and accurate laser engraving and cutting. The “Lite Version” designation likely means that it has fewer features … Read more


Ruida RDC6344G is a laser controller system designed for use with CO2 laser engraving and cutting machines. It has a 7″ touch panel display and offers features such as hardware stability, protection against high voltage and static electricity, and a user-friendly interface. This co2 laser cutter controller is provided with stronger software function including perfect … Read more

Ruida 6445G-Mod5

Ruida RDC6445G-MOD5 series CO2 laser controller is known to be an open-source HMI (Human Machine Interface) system, which allows users to modify and customize the interface according to their needs. This feature is beneficial for those who want to add more functionality or improve the overall performance of the controller. The CO2 laser control board … Read more

RD EngraveLab

RD Engravelab optimizes laser engraving workflows with all-inclusive toolsets that essentially eliminate the need to use any other software packages.It’s the ideal engraving software to maximize efficiency and profitability forbusinesses of all sizes.


Ruida RDC6563F is an offline fiber-cutting controller that can be used to control a fiber laser cutting machine. It provides an interface for the user to input cutting parameters and send them to the cutting machine for processing. The offline nature of the controller means that it does not need to be connected to a … Read more