DSP Laser Controller

What is DSP Laser Controller? DSP (Digital Signal Process) means digital signal processing technology, and DSP chip means the chip that can implement digital signal processing technology.DSP chips have an internal Harvard structure with separate programs and data, a special hardware multiplier, extensive pipeline operation, and special DSP instructions that can be used to quickly … Read more

What is ruida controller?

Ruida controllers are co2 laser-cutting machine controller boards with several more powerful features. They are built for lasers and run download and execution programs. They are supported locally by RDWorks (free) and by Lightburn. They have a control panel that frequently displays the programs to be run and performs point-and-click operations. Many reverse engineering and … Read more

RuiDa controller password

Default Ruida Password Candidates: RD8888 / rd8888 HF8888 / hf8888 CC8888 / cc8888 Note: the difference in case (RD8888 vs rd8888).