DSP Laser Controller

What is DSP Laser Controller?

DSP (Digital Signal Process) means digital signal processing technology, and DSP chip means the chip that can implement digital signal processing technology.
DSP chips have an internal Harvard structure with separate programs and data, a special hardware multiplier, extensive pipeline operation, and special DSP instructions that can be used to quickly implement various digital signal processing algorithms.
According to the requirements of digital signal processing, DSP chips generally have some main features as follows.
(1) One multiplication and one addition can be completed in one instruction cycle.
(2) Separate program and data spaces, so that instructions and data can be accessed simultaneously.
(3) On-chip fast RAM, usually accessible in two blocks simultaneously via separate data buses.
(4) Hardware support for low or no overhead loops and jumps.
(5) Fast interrupt handling and hardware I/O support.
(6) Multiple hardware address generators that operate in a single cycle.
(7) Multiple operations can be executed in parallel.
(8) Supports pipelined operation, so that operations such as fetching, decoding and execution can be performed overlappingly.
Compared with general-purpose microprocessors, other general-purpose functions of DSP chips are relatively weak.

Is RuiDa a DSP controller?

Yes, CorelDRAW and LightBurn Software (DSP Version) both support Ruida DSP Controller