Ruida RDC5121 Laser Controller

RDC5121 system is a simple two-axis carving control system. With 2.0-inch black and white screen, the interface is easy to operate. It can only control two movement axes of XY, and realize one laser energy following control at the same time Support USB2.0 and PC communication, support U disk copy files.

Technical Parameters

  • 2 motor interface output maximum 400KHZ frequency, drive capacity 20mA; 
  • 1 channel laser interface output maximum 200KHZ frequency, duty cycle 1% ~ 99% adjustable, drive capacity 50mA; 
  • Onboard 128M non-releasable memory; 
  • USB maximum transmission rate 12M, the longest distance of 5 meters; 
  • Linear / arc / B-spline interpolation accuracy +/- 0.5 pulse; 
  • 2 universal optical isolation OC gate output, maximum 300mA drive capability (with freewheeling protection); 
  • 2 universal optical isolation input, compatible with 5V/12V/24V logic level;


  1. Support LCD display and button operation
  2. Support up to 2 motor output, 1 channel independent digital analog laser output;
  3. Support up to 2 OC gate (300ma current output, can directly drive/24 relay
  4. Support laser engraving/cutting:
  5. 2 motor interface output maximum 400KHZ frequency, drive capacity 20 ma
  6. Onboard 128M non-releasable memory:
  7. USB maximum transmission rate of 12M, the longest distance of 5 meters;
  8. Linear arc/b-spline interpolation accuracy +/-0.5 pulse;
  9. 2 universal optical isolation input compatible with 5V/2V/24V logic level


It can be widely used in laser cutting, laser engraving, laser welding and other
fields with only XY two motion axes, one laser channel, and a small number of
input and output points