RDC6332G system is the latest laser engraving cutting control system developed by Ruida Technology, this control system has better stable hardware with antistatic,resistance to high pressure. The human-machine operation system based on LINUX with better operation interface and power functions, excellent motion control functions, high-capacity file memory, with strong compatible 2-way independent adjustable analog/digital laser power control intertace, strong compatible U disk drive program, multiple ways gemeral/dedicated IO control. Integrated dedicated time system supporting hardware encryption algorithm.


  1. Digital laser control signals:
    (1) Differential output, TTL level, 20 MA, drive capability
    (2)PWM frequency 2K-50K for adjustable
    (3)PWM duty ratio is 1% ~99%, adjustable
    (4)PWM value is up to 4.5 V
  2. Analog laser control signal:~5V tracing adjustable automatically.
  3. Motor control signal: differential output, TTL level, drive capability 20 mA.
  4. Motor control pulse frequency:Max. 500 KHZ
  5. USB: Max. transmission rate is 12M bps; the longest distance is 5 meters
  6. Interpolation: Linear/circular arc/B spline, accuracy +/-0.5 pulse
  7. Output: 4-channel, photoelectric isolated OC gate output; max.
    drive capability is 500ma
  8. Input: 4-channel, photoelectric isolated input, TTL level