Ruida RDC6332M hybrid cutting controller is a hybrid cutting system based on the proven RDC6332G co2 laser controller, which is specially developed to combine the processing of sheet metal and non-metal cutting. Based on this co2 laser DSP controller, it can realize metal cutting and non-metal cutting.

The Ruida RDC6332M (with touch screen) are metal and non-metal laser cutting controllers for CO2 laser engraving and cutting machines. They feature a 3.5-inch TFT display, number keys, and control keys. The controllers operate as standalone devices with 256 MB of onboard memory. The system also supports encryption for installment payments and the controller program can be updated using the software. The system has auxiliary air control capabilities, as well as height control with crash protection and limit protection. It also supports emergency stop and low-pressure alarms. The system is designed for laser cutting and engraving and has specific applications, such as Metal cut, which supports piercing, lead in/out, bridge, and micro-support.

Ruida RDC6332M RDC 6332M CO2 Laser Dsp controller

1.3.5” TFT display, number keys, and control keys
2. Standalone working 256M, memory on board
3. Support encryption for installment payment, Controller program can be updated with software
4. Auxiliary air control
5. Height control with crash protection and limit protection; support emergency stop and low-pressure alarm
6. Laser cutting and engraving
7. Application: Metalcut support piercing, lead in/out, bridge and micro-support

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Technical parameters

1, digital laser control signal, differential output, TTL level, 20mA drive capability.
2, PWM frequency 2.5K ~ 100K adjustable, PWM duty cycle 1% ~ 99% adjustable.
3, analog laser control signal 0 ~ 5V automatic following adjustment, TTL level, 20mA drive capability motor control pulse frequency up to 400KHZ.
4, USB maximum transmission rate of 12M, the longest distance of 5 meters.
5, linear/circular / B sample interpolation accuracy + / – 0.5 pulse.
6、4-way universal Opto-isolated OC gate output, maximum 300mA drive capability.
7, 4-way general-purpose Opto-isolated input, TTL level.
8, On-board system encryption control, onboard parameter storage, and file storage capacity of up to 256M
RDC6332M hybrid cutting control system is a set of hybrid cutting systems specially developed by RuiDa Technology based on the mature RDC6332G control system, combined with the processing technology of metal sheet and non-metal cutting. Based on this controller, it can realize metal cutting and non-metal cutting.

Function description

  • on-board system encryption control, onboard parameter storage, and a maximum file storage capacity of 256M.
  • Support for power-off renewal carving function.
  • fast and super-compatible U disk copy function.
  • customizable boot screen, remote upgradeable controller kernel program.
  • dual-way digital/analog laser control interface.
  • dedicated RF laser control interface.
  • up to 4-axis stepper/servo motor open/closed loop control.
  • optional soft/hard limit coordinate protection.
  • support linear, circular arc, and B-sample interpolation functions.

Ruida RDC6332m Manual

RDC6332m Password

this function is to recover all the original parameters (before recovering, set para should be done already)
all parameters including all manufacturer parameters and user parameters.
this function is for RDC6332M.
the same function in RDC6442S is Def Fact Para (HF8888)

RDC6332m Software