Ruida RDC6432G Laser Controller for Cutting Machine Control

RDC6432G system is the latest engraving/cutting control system for engraving machines. It adopts the man-machine operating system with true color TFT screen. It can control laser power independently and multi-channel universal/dedicated IO control. It is an increasingly good motion controller

RuiDa RDC6432G system is co2 laser engraving cutting control system.
It have true color TFT screen, man-machine operating system.1-way independent adjustable laser power control.Multi-channel general dedicated IO control.


  • Digital laser control signal;
  • TTL level output, 50ma drive capability;
  • The PWM frequency is adjustable from 2K to 50K;
  • PWM duty cycle is adjustable from 1% to 99%
  • Motor control signal OC output, 300ma drive capability
  • Motor control pulse frequency is up to 500KHZ;
  • USB maximum transmission rate of 12M the longest distance of 5 meters;
  • Linear/ circular/b- -spline interpolation accuracy+-0.55 pulse



RDWorks V8