The Ruida RDC6442S is a motion control system used in laser engraving and cutting machines. It is known for its high-speed and precise control of the laser head, which enables it to cut and engrave a wide range of materials, including wood, acrylic, leather, and metal.

The Ruida RDC6442S is an upgrade from the previous RDC6442 controller, and it comes with advanced features such as a larger screen display, more memory, and improved software compatibility. It supports multiple software programs such as RDWorks, LaserCut, and LightBurn, which provide users with a user-friendly interface for designing and executing laser jobs.

The Ruida RDC6442S features a USB interface, which allows for easy transfer of data from a computer to the controller. It also has a dedicated DSP processor, which ensures that the laser head moves smoothly and accurately during the cutting and engraving process.

Overall, the Ruida RDC6442S is a reliable and high-performance motion control system widely used in laser engraving and cutting machines. It’s advanced features and software compatibility make it a popular choice among laser machine operators and manufacturers.

Ruida RD RDC6442G Co2 Laser DSP Controller

The Ruida Classic Design RDC6442G is a CO2 laser controller with a 3.5-inch color screen and the software RDWorks is included. It is suitable for various laser applications such as cutting, engraving, and welding. It requires a power input of +24V and a current of greater than 2A. The operating temperature range is 0 to 50 degrees Celsius and the maximum humidity should not exceed 70%.

  • Application area: laser cutting, laser engraving, laser welding, etc.
  • Power:+24V, >2A
  • Temperature: 0~50 ℃, humidity is not greater than 70%

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Laser Engraving Cutting Machine with Ruida Controller

The co2 laser engraving cutting machine is an offline version, you can choose a 50w~100w laser.

This co2 laser engraving machine can be used for many non-metallic materials such as acrylic, plywood, density board, solid wood, PVC, leather, leather, non-woven, felt, paper products, two-color board, PET, etc. For metal, it can only engrave paint coating on metal. So it is mainly used in seal engraving, advertising, art gifts, clothing, leather, toys, architectural decoration, computer embroidery, packaging printing, paper products, clothing proofing, wide cutting, shoe making, furniture, model industry, handicrafts, and other industries.

Ruida RDC6442G/S co2 laser controller board is a new generation system for 4-Axis laser engraving and cutting controller.

Digital Laser Control Signals

(1) TTL level output, 50 mA, Drive Capability
(2) PWM frequency 2K-50K for adjustable
(3) PWM duty ratio is 1% ~ 99%, adjustable
(4) PWM value is up to 5.0 V

One-Way 24V Power Supply, >2A
Motor Control Signal: Common-anode Output, Drive Capability 20 mA. Motor control pulse frequency: Max.500KHZ
10/100M Ethernet + USB 2.0 Control.
Interpolation: Linear/circular arc/B spline, accuracy + / – 0.5 pulse
Output: 4-channel, photoelectric isolated OC gate output, the max. drive capability 500mA drive capability (with follow-current protection).
Input: 4-channel, photoelectric isolated input, compatible with 5V/ 12V / 24V logic level

RDC6442G VS RDC6442S

6442G: Standard / 6442S: Double Head Linkage

Product Model: RDC6442G

  • 6: the sixth-generation controller
  • 4: controller version
  • 4: 4-axis
  • 2: 3.5-inch colorful screen
  • G: Standard


Ruida RDC6442S/G co2 laser dsp controller has better resistance to high voltage and antistatic ability
One-way 24V power supply(compatible with 36V, but not recommended)
Support all brands and capacities of U disks, quick and strong compatible copy ability
256M large-capacity file nonvolatile storage onboard, no bottlenecks limit for file size
Capable of the self-checking defective track, can format memory, good in fault tolerance
10/100M Ethernet + USB2.0 communication mode for optional
Multi-way general large-current IO, convenient for function extension
Display processing path, file preview
Display processing progress bar
Communication mode can be chosen automatically
The max. four-axis stepper/servo motor open-loop control
Two-way independent digital/analog interface, the software can be adjusted respectively, convenient for double laser heads control; Dedicated RF laser control interface
Soft/hard limit coordinates protection for optional
Support linear/circular arc/B-spline interpolation function
Online update mainboard program, convenient for maintenance and functions customization.
Auto-feeding, up and down, rotating engraving,left-right pushing plate, etc.
Support feeding line by line, slope engraving function
Support Power-off restart for engraving, work time preview (high accuracy to the millisecond, the preview time is exact to the actual working time, the other vendor cannot realize)
Support machines backlash compensation function
Increase Z axis linkage function
System Power-on resetting or not resetting for optional
Support multiple positioning points logic
All manufacturer/user parameters can be backup and restore
Support double laser heads automatic layout and multiple virtual arrays automatic layout, leftover material function


Wiring Diagram

ruida rdc6442s co2 laser controller wiring diagram
rdc6442s wiring diagram
ruida rdc6442s co2 laser controller software


The RDC6442S software is compatible with several software programs such as RDWorks, LaserCut, and LightBurn. These software programs provide users with a user-friendly interface for designing and executing laser jobs.

RDWorks is the official software for Ruida controllers and is widely used in the industry. It provides users with a comprehensive set of tools for designing and executing laser jobs, including support for vector and raster graphics, automatic optimization, and camera alignment.

LaserCut is another popular software program that is compatible with Ruida controllers. It provides users with similar tools to RDWorks and supports a range of file formats, including AI, DXF, and BMP.

LightBurn is a third-party software program that is compatible with Ruida controllers. It provides users with a modern and intuitive interface for designing and executing laser jobs. It also has advanced features such as camera alignment and automatic job optimization.

Firmware Upgrade

The Ruida RDC6442S controller is a popular controller used in laser engraving and cutting machines. If you want to upgrade the firmware of your Ruida RDC6442S CO2 laser controller, follow these steps:

  • Download the latest firmware from the official website or a trusted source.
  • Connect the controller to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Open the RDWorks software and go to the “System” tab.
  • Click on “Firmware Upgrade” and select the firmware file you just downloaded.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the firmware upgrade process.

It is important to note that you should only upgrade the firmware using the official software and from a trusted source. Improper firmware upgrades can cause issues with the controller and may void the warranty.

V8.01.67 Optimize the 3-color light logic, Optimize the encryption algorithm

Release notes: The latest version is 8.01.67; 8.01.67 is for RDC6442S. 8.00.67 is for RDC6442G. The difference between the RDC6442S and RDC6442G is little. RDC6442S support 2 laser heads and can locate the positon of laser heads according to the cutting task automatically. RDC6442G does not support that.

Factory Para Passcode

To reset to default – hf8888 
To set default – cc8888 


ruida rdc6442s co2 laser controller ce

Software and Manual

ruida rdc6442g software RDWorks V8
RDWorksV8 8.01.60 for RDC6442G RDC6445G RDC6445GZ RDC6542G RDC6582G…

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