Ruida laser controller DRC6445 CNC system is a new generation of laser engraving and cutting control system. In addition to high hardware stability, high voltage or electrostatic suppression, and a friendly 5” TFT human-machine display. The system has more powerful software features, including perfect four-axis motion control function, large-capacity file storage, two adjustable digital laser power control interface, stronger compatibility USB driver, multiple universal / dedicated IO control, as well as, this system can communicate with PC via USB2.0 or Ethernet, the communication method is automatically detected by the system

  • Working standalone, 128M memory on board
  • Support USB/Ethernet communication and U disk.
  • Application software: RDWorksV8.AutoCAD, CorelDraw and Al plug-in software
  • Support 4 axes motion control and 2 channels laser control
  • Support panel to modify manufacturer/user parameters.
  • Support manual point/continuous switch. automatic focus and docking point setting functions.
  • Yaxis and U axis feeding synchronously
  • Support fixed single and double-head cutting, Double-head shift processing and over-breadth cutting processing

Ruida RDC6445S is New Version upgrade from RDC6445G


  • 4-axis Laser Engraving Cutting
  • 10/100M Ethernet USB2.0 Control
  • Multi-language(En Ru Es Pt)
  • Support Ruida laser controller DRC6445, up to 4 servo/stepper motor control, or Co2 laser engraving and cutting machine
  • Support 4-way OC gate output, can directly drive 5V/24 relay
  • Support double-head electric shift control and over-width slitting processing
  • Support large format vision, mark point vision cutting and projection cutting
  • Support double-head asynchronous processing, support cell phone APP

RDC6445S vs RDC6445G

1. Ruida RDC6445S and RDC6445G are combined into a unified model: RDC6445G which supports Double-Head Linkage Function. 
2. The function of RDC6445G/S has combined the RDC6442G and RDC6442S function.




Firmware Upgrade



RDWorksV8Setup8.01.54-20210513 (Rdc6445s software download)

RDWorksV8 8.01.60 for RDC6442G RDC6445G RDC6445GZ RDC6542G RDC6582G…


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