RuiDa RDC6555G precision co2 laser cutting controller system is a control system developed for film cutting. The control system has better hardware stability, a richer motion control design scheme, and better anti-voltage and anti-static interference characteristics. The man-machine operating system based on a 5-inch LCD has a more friendly operation interface and more powerful functions. The controller includes better and more excellent motion control functions, with more excellent laser control algorithms to ensure the cutting effect, and the expansion of the reserved multi-way general / special IO control interface, as well as several peripheral interconnection interfaces.

Ruida Controller RDC6555G
  • Support 5-axis,pulse+dir signal differential output.
  • 5″ color screen, rich craftsmanship, digital keys
  • Support encoder signal detection, which can be used for real-time position and speed detection
  • Support gantry dual-drive synchronization error alarm, and servo drive following error alarm.
  • Support Vacuum and blowing function; grating protection, cover protection.

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Technical parameters

  • support for 5-way motion control signal (X, Y1, Y2, Z, U), with encoder signal detection function, of which Y1 and Y2 axis for gantry dual drive control, support for dual drive synchronization alarm protection.
  • TTL level laser control signal supports differential output.
  • laser control signal output up to 300K, pulse width control accuracy up to 0.1%.
  • support for pulse synchronization output.
  • 12bit DAC analog output quantity signal output supports 0-5V output or 0-10V output.

Function description

  • Support negative limit return to zero and home signal return to zero
  • support encoder signal detection, which can be used for the real-time position and real-time speed detection
  • servo drive following error alarm
  • support gantry double drive synchronization error alarm.
  • Support external start, pause \ continue, stop
  • Support grating protection and open cover protection
  • supporting 4-way universal input IO
  • Support adsorption function
  • Support blowing function