Ruida RDC6563F offline fiber cutting controller is a fiber cutting controller.

Ruida RDC6563F is an offline fiber-cutting controller that can be used to control a fiber laser cutting machine. It provides an interface for the user to input cutting parameters and send them to the cutting machine for processing. The offline nature of the controller means that it does not need to be connected to a computer or network during cutting operations.

The fiber laser cutting controller has better hardware stability and anti-high voltage and anti-static characteristics. The LINUX-based man-machine fiber laser controller has a more friendly operation interface and powerful functions. The ruida fiber laser controller includes more complete and excellent motion control functions, large-capacity file storage, a more compatible U disk driver, multi-channel general/exceptional IO control, integrated dedicated time system, hardware encryption algorithm, and PC communication support Ethernet communication and USB communication are optional.

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The Z axis is an automatic height adjustment system based on capacitive sensing technology, using high-performance amplifiers and professional anti-interference design. The use of speed closed-loop control greatly improves the movement speed and response speed of the height controller and realizes accurate automatic height control. With RDCutist software, it can realize the functions of leapfrogging, flying cutting, and short distances without lifting.

RDC6563F main technical parameters

  1. Supports up to 6 axes of high-speed motion, and with a maximum pulse frequency of
    500 KHZ.
  2. Each axis supports positive and negative limits, servo alarm input detection and
  3. Linear/Arc/B-spline interpolation accuracy +/-0.5 pulses.
  4. 15 general-purpose opto-isolated OC gate output, maximum 300ma drive capability
    (with freewheeling protection), it can directly drive 24V/5V DC relay.
  5. S-type acceleration and deceleration control and adaptive speed look-ahead
    processing ensures smooth running.
    Lasers can support a variety of laser types such as fiber optics and glass tubes.
  6. Support 5V, 24V PWM/L_ON laser control signal output.


  1. Achieve high-speed motion and response speeds of servo motors or stepper motors.
  2. Support leapfrog, flight cutting, and short-distance lifting.
  3. Support automatic feeding, and AB switching movement functions.
  4. Capacitor parameter auto-calibration can be achieved to match any cutting head.
  5. Support different lifting height and speed settings to facilitate different ways of cutting
  6. Supports a variety of punching methods such as segmental punching, progressive
    punching, and pulse punching
  7. Optimized gas control, effective reduction of gas loss, 3-way gas control output.
  8. Support remote control of wireless controller, USB, Ethernet

Z Axis Parameter

ruida RDC6563F fiber laser controller
  • The dynamic following accuracy is less than 0.1mm
  • The detection accuracy is less than 0.01mm
  • The capacitance detection range is 9.9mm
  • -10V ~+10V servo drive analog voltage control output
  • The maximum speed can reach 800mm/s, and the maximum acceleration can reach 10000mm/s^2



ruida RDC6563F fiber laser controller


ruida RDC6563F fiber laser controller


ruida RDC6563F fiber laser controller CE