Ruida RDC6685U/RDC6685U-DFM co2 laser controller is the latest generation of dual X/Y coordinate system controller, the ruida co2 laser controller has better hardware stability, with better anti-voltage and anti-static interference characteristics. The man-machine operating system based on a 5-inch color screen has a more friendly operation interface and more powerful functions. Among them, RDC6685U is a general dual coordinate system controller and RDC6685U-DFM is a panoramic vision, dual coordinate system controller.

Ruida RDC6685U CO2 Laser Dsp Controller

1.5″color screen, complete digital keys, and abundant craft keys
2. Standalone operation with 128M memory onboard
3. Support USB/Ethernet communication and U disk
4. Support double heads synchronous and simultaneousprocessing5.Support large-breadth partible cutting
6. Support 8 axis 4 channels laser control and multi-channel lO

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The co2 laser controller board adopts dual coordinate system control technology to realize the synchronous start of dual heads while performing asynchronous cutting, independent of each other and processing separately. The system also provides an automated collision-blocking function. The software system uses optimized graphic management and allocation algorithms to greatly improve the balanced distribution of dual-head tasks, resulting in an average increase of over 90% in the cutting efficiency of a single machine.
The system also provides automatic loading and extra-long width split cutting and processing functions, providing a perfect solution for large graphics, high volume, and high-efficiency processing tasks in the garment, leather, and fabric processing industries.

Technical parameters

1, 8-way motor interface, output maximum 400KHZ frequency; drive capacity 20mA, common Yang interface.
2,4-way laser interface output maximum 200KHZ frequency, duty cycle 1%~99% adjustable; compatible with digital/analog control. Drive capacity of 50mA.
3, On-board 256M non-releasable memory.
4, USB maximum transmission rate of 12M, the longest distance of 5 meters.
5, the maximum transmission rate of 100M for network cable, and the maximum transmission distance of 200M.
6, motion control interpolation accuracy +/-0.5 pulse equivalent.
7,21-way general-purpose optoelectronic isolated OC gate output, maximum 300mA drive capability (with renewal protection), can directly drive 24V/5V DC relays.
8,16-way universal Opto-isolated inputs, compatible with 5V/12V/24V logic levels.

Function description

1、Support up to 8-way servo/stepper motor control; 4-way digital/analog laser output.
2, support for 2-way expansion serial port, can communicate with equipment with RS232 standard interface.
3、Support tricolor light function.
4, support dual coordinate system, dual laser head synchronous start, and asynchronous processing.
5、Support large format vision, mark point vision cutting and projection cutting, and other processing methods.
6、Support repeated multi-board feeding processing.
7、Supporting electric automatic split batch processing with two laser heads per coordinate system.
8、Multi-way reserved output port to facilitate the customization of the control process of specific models.