Ruida RDD6584G is an Oscillating Cutting Controller independently developed with tool direction following control function, which integrates the processing of a vibrating knife, round knife, milling knife, pressing wheel, and other tools, and also integrates a series of functions such as feeding, round punching, V special punching, brush processing, red light positioning, etc.

Ruida RDD6584G Oscillating Knife Cutting System for CNC Machine
  • Standalone operation,256M memory onboard
  • Support USB/Ethernet communication and U disk
  • The high response of the tool direction following the control
  • Support 8 axes,16 dedicated/general inputs, and 28 general outputs
  • 7″ industrial touch screen, support parameter modification, graphic static preview, and dynamic display
  • Integrate multiple processing methods such as vibrating knife, round knife, milling cutter, pressing wheel, circular punching, V-shaped special punching, brush processing, and red-light positioning
  • Support single XY axis processing. double XY asynchronous processing, and double head shifting processing
  • Support MARK point visual positioning cutting, large-format panoramic visual cutting, projection cutting, etc

Current Price

Ruida RDD6584G Controller supports single XY axis machining mode and independent double XY asynchronous machining mode and supports double-head machining mode with the double-head mutual shift. In addition to all the features of the RDD6584G, the controller supports large-format visual cutting.

Ruida RDD6584G Controller features up to 8 axes of stepper/servo drive control interface with 16 limit inputs, 16 dedicated/universal inputs, and 28 general purpose outputs. At the same time, it has USB2.0 and 10/100M network communication and U disk file copy function, which can work in online and offline mode, and at the same time reserves the external expansion device interconnection communication interface.

Ruida RDD6584G Controller is equipped with a 7-inch industrial touch screen, and the man-machine interface is intuitive and powerful, and easy to operate.

Technical parameters

1, 8-way motor interface output maximum 400KHZ frequency; drive capacity 20mA, differential interface.
2, 256M non-releasable memory on board.
3, USB maximum transmission rate of 12M, the longest distance of 5 meters.
4, the maximum transmission rate of 100M for network cable, and the maximum transmission distance of 200M.
5, linear/arc/B-sample interpolation accuracy +/-0.5 pulse.
6, 28-way general-purpose optoelectronic isolated of gate output, maximum 300mA drive capability (with renewal protection), can directly drive 24v/5v DC relay.
7,32-way universal Opto-isolated input, compatible with 5v/12v/24v logic level.

Function description

1, support up to 8-way servo/stepper motor control.
2、Support up to 2-channel extended serial port, which can communicate with EPLC-400, wireless handheld devices (BWK201R, BWK301R), and other devices with RS232 standard interface.
3, support up to 28-way OC gate output, can directly drive 5V/24 relay, controller built-in buzzer + tricolor light control output.
4、Support cell phone APP.
5、Support single belt type/multi-belt type of 2-head electric inter-shift control.
6、Supporting double-head asynchronous processing.
7、Support projection cutting processing method.
8、supporting mixed processing of processing tools such as vibrating knife, press wheel, milling cutter, punching, and drawing brush.
9, 8-axis card, multiple inputs, and outputs to facilitate custom function development.