ruida RDLC320-A laser engraving controller

Ruida RDLC320-A is laser cutting controller, based on high-performance floating 32-bit DSP+FPGA architecture. The co2 laser cutter controller can complete large-scale complex motion control algorithms to achieve continuous path control and position control of multi-axis motion, as well as energy tracking control to maintain laser energy balance at any speed point. Large-scale logic gate array FPGA can complete complex communication protocols and flexible IO expansion. Communication transfer speed is fast and easy to operate.

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  • Better resistance to high voltage and static electricity
  • Software can be adjusted separately to facilitate dual laser head control
  • Online upgrade of the motherboard program
  • Online upgrade of the boot screen
  • System comes with time system
  • Support working time preview
  • Support machine tool backlash compensation function.
  • Add Z-axis linkage function
  • Support hard limit
  • Perfect power-off restart for engraving function.
  • Support system start reset or not optional
  • Support multi-source logic


  1. 1,Digital laser control signals
    1. 1,Differential output,TTL level,20mA,drive capability
    2. PWM frequency 2.5K-50K for adjustable
    3. PWM duty ratio is 2%-98%,adjustable
    4. PWM value is up to 4.5V
  2. Analog laser control signal:0-5V tracing adjustable automatically
  3. Motor control signal;differential output,TTL level,drive capability 20mA
  4. Motor control pulse frequency:Max 400KHZ
  5. USB:Max transmission rate is 12Mbps;;the longest distance is 5 meters
  6. Interpolation:Linear/circular arc/B spline,accuracy +/-0.5 pulse
  7. Output:4-channel,photoelectric isolated OC gate output;max drive capability is 300mA
  8. Input:4-channel,photoelectric isolated input,TTL level



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