ruida RDLC320-A laser engraving controller

Ruida RDLC320-A is a laser-cutting controller. It is used to control and manage the operations of a laser-cutting machine. The controller receives commands from a computer and sends signals to the laser cutting machine’s components to execute the desired actions, such as cutting or engraving on a material.

Ruida RDLC320-A is based on high-performance floating 32-bit DSP+FPGA architecture. The co2 laser cutter controller can complete large-scale complex motion control algorithms to achieve continuous path control and position control of multi-axis motion, as well as energy tracking control to maintain laser energy balance at any speed point. Large-scale logic gate array FPGA can complete complex communication protocols and flexible IO expansion. Communication transfer speed is fast and easy to operate.

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  • Better resistance to high voltage and static electricity
  • The software can be adjusted separately to facilitate dual laser head control
  • Online upgrade of the motherboard program
  • Online upgrade of the boot screen
  • The system comes with a time system
  • Support working time preview
  • Support machine tool backlash compensation function.
  • Add Z-axis linkage function
  • Support hard limit
  • Perfect power-off restart for the engraving function.
  • Support system start reset or not optional
  • Support multi-source logic


  1. Digital laser control signals
    1. Differential output, TTL level,20mA, drive capability
    2. PWM frequency 2.5K-50K for adjustable
    3. PWM duty ratio is 2%-98%, adjustable
    4. PWM value is up to 4.5V
  2. Analog laser control signal:0-5V tracing adjustable automatically
  3. Motor control signal; differential output, TTL level, drive capability 20mA
  4. Motor control pulse frequency: Max 400KHZ
  5. USB:Max transmission rate is 12Mbps;;the longest distance is 5 meters
  6. Interpolation:Linear/circular arc/B spline,accuracy +/-0.5 pulse
  7. Output:4-channel,photoelectric isolated OC gate output;max drive capability is 300mA
  8. Input:4-channel, photoelectric isolated input, TTL level



How to Change Language to English RDLC320-A

To change the language of a Ruida RDLC320-A laser cutting controller to English, follow these steps:

  • Turn on the controller and access the main menu.
  • Navigate to the “System Setup” option.
  • Select “Language”.
  • Choose “English” from the list of available languages.
  • Confirm your selection and save the changes.

Note: The specific steps may vary slightly depending on the firmware version of the controller. If you have trouble changing the language, consult the user manual or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

RDLC320 changed the language.


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