• PCI interface controller
  • Advanced graphics and image positioning technology, with high-precision recognition
  • Supports4axes and 2galvanometer axes.
  • With RDMarkVision software, integrated vision-assisted galvanometer automatic calibration algorithm.
  • Comprehensive optical tooling and light source system
  • Support multiple visual positioning methods such as feature matching, gray matching, and custom templates

Current Price

The vision system is based on a PCI card control platform, using leading international graphic image positioning technology, and is a high-end intelligent product explicitly developed for dynamic positioning needs in the marking industry. Learning target features can compare multiple captured targets at a sub-pixel level to achieve high-precision, 360-degree dead angle-free identification, and positioning. Cooperate with the automatic assembly line and robot to realize fully automatic high-precision assembly line operation. Improves processing efficiency and marking accuracy while saving a lot of tools and labor.

Technical parameters

1、In the case of camera tilt and rotation distortion, the error of 360-degree rotation marking is 0.1 degree about 0.10mm.
2, camera tilt installation angle range +/-20 degrees.
3、Image processing more than 25 frames/second.
4, single feature positioning recognition time of no more than 50ms.
5、Vibrating mirror control supports XY2-100 protocol vibrating mirror and analog vibrating mirror with 16-bit control accuracy.
6, support for CO2, YAG, FIRBE, and other lasers.
7, motor control mode: pulse + direction and +/- pulse can be configured, pulse along can be set, pulse frequency up to 1MHZ.

Function description

1, feature image positioning.
2, contour identification and marking.
3, assembly line marking identification planning