Visual cutting control system based on RDC6442G controller, supporting position positioning of feature recognition and MARK point assisted position positioning function.

Ruida RDV6442G CCD Visual CO2 Laser Controller System for Laser Cutter Machine

3.5″color screen,rich craftsmanship, digital keys
Working standalone,128M memory onboard
Support USB/Ethernet communication and Udisk
Supports 4 axes,dual laser interface and multi-channelgeneral lo input and output
Support resume Laser cutting after power failure
Support working hours preview,accurate to the millisecond
Support to modify the processing parameters of the layerfrom panel
The processing path,coordinate points and progress barreal-time display

Current Price

Technical parameters

1、Digital laser control signal.
2, TTL level output, 50mA drive capability.
3、PWM frequency 2K~50K adjustable.
4、PWM duty cycle 1%~99% adjustable.
5、Motor control signal OC output, 300mA drive capability.
6, motor control pulse frequency up to 500KHZ.
7, USB maximum transmission rate of 12M, the longest distance of 5 meters.
8, linear / arc / B sample interpolation accuracy + / – 0.5 pulse.
9, 4-way general-purpose opto-isolated OC gate output, maximum 500mA drive capability (with renewal protection).
10、4-way general-purpose opto-isolated input, compatible with 5V/12V/24V logic level.

Function description

1, Ethernet (10/100M) and USB2.0 transmission, controller automatically query communication mode.
2, true color TFT screen, can display true color processing graphics on the panel, and at the same time can be accurately informed of the coordinate position of the laser head processing on the panel.
3, the status bar can indicate the current file border size, network connection status, etc.
4, can preview the file graphics saved in the memory on the panel, its refresh speed, no domestic manufacturers can match.
5、Dynamic display of processing trajectory and coordinate points.
6、Dynamically displaying the processing progress bar of the whole graphic.
7, can directly modify the processing parameters of each layer on the operation panel (such as: speed, power, etc.), while the modified layer parameters can be automatically saved for subsequent use (this function can not be achieved by other manufacturers);.
8、Support for power-off renewal carving, work time preview (accurate to milliseconds, work time preview value and the actual work time consumed exactly the same, this function can not be achieved by other manufacturers).
9, support for feeding, lifting, rotating carving, left and right to push the board and other functions.