The Ruida RDV6445G CCD Visual CO2 Laser Controller is a camera vision system for laser cutting and engraving. It features a 5-inch color screen, digital keys, and a standalone design with 128 MB of onboard memory. The system supports USB/Ethernet communication and a U disk for storage. The manufacturer or user parameters can be changed through the control panel. The system has 4 axes of motion control and 2 channels of laser control, and also features manual point/continuous switch, automatic focus, and docking point setting functions. The Y-axis and U-axis feed synchronously. The control software included with the RDVision system combines image processing algorithms for feature recognition to complete cutting work by manually outlining the cutting contour.

Visual cutting controller based on RDC6445G controller, supporting position positioning of feature recognition and MARK point assisted position positioning function

RDV6445G vision cutting system is based on the RDV644XG motion control platform

5” color screen, rich craftsmanship, digital keys
Working standalone 128M memory onboard
Support USB/Ethernet communication and U disk
Support panel to modify manufacturer/user parameters
Support 4 axes motion control and 2 channels laser control
Support manual point/continuous switch, automatic focus, and docking point setting functions
Y axis and U axis feeding synchronously
Support the processing such as large-breadth vision, mark point vision cutting, and projection cutting

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Technical parameters

  1. 4-way motor interface with maximum output frequency of 400KHZ; drive capability of 20mA, common Yang interface.
  2. 128M non-friable memory on board.
  3. USB maximum transmission rate of 12M, maximum distance of 5 meters.
  4. the maximum transmission rate of 100M and a maximum distance of 200M for network cable.
  5. linear/arc/B-sample interpolation accuracy +/-0.5 pulse.
  6. 4-way universal Opto-isolated OC gate output, maximum 300mA drive capability (with renewal protection), can directly drive 24V/5V DC relays.
  7. 4-channel universal Opto-isolated input, compatible with 5V/12V/24V logic level.

Function description

  1. support up to 4-channel servo/stepper motor control.
  2. support 1-channel extended serial port, which can communicate with EPLC-400, wireless handheld devices (BWK201R,BWK301R), and other devices with RS232 standard interface.
  3. support 4-channel OC gate output, which can directly drive 5V/24 relays.
  4. support cell phone APP.
  5. support double-head electric inter-shift control and super-width split-cutting processing.
  6. support double-head asynchronous processing.
  7. support large format vision, mark point vision cutting and projection cutting, and other processing methods

Control Software RDVision(2.00.11).rar

Drivers Visual series drive(suitable for RDWorksV8,LaserCutist,RDCutist,LSWorks)(1.0).zip