Ruida RDWelder-DW Handheld Laser Welding System Rudia Controller
  • Work standalone, support RS232
  • Support XY galvanometers control
  • Intelligent monitoring, Motion status, and alarm status display
  • With 9 groups of welding parameters,
  • Support 4 wobble modes
  • Support weld wire feeding
  • Compatible with Ryacus, Max-photonics,IPG laser source
  • Support CW and pulsed laser source

Current Price

Handheld laser welding system is a controller developed by RuiDa Technology specifically for laser welding. It supports double oscillator motor control, many different oscillation types, automatic wire feeding and other functions, slow rise and slow fall of laser power, early on gas, delayed off gas and other functions. The system is easy to operate and can display real-time information such as input and output IO status, alarm information and motion status.

Function description

1, up to support X, Y axis dual oscillator motor axis movement.
2、Up to 9 sets of welding parameters can be set.
3、Up to 4 types of oscillation types can be supported
4、Support real-time monitoring of input and output IO status.
5、Support automatic wire feeding function.
6、Support on gas delay, off gas delay, power slow up and slow down welding process.

Product accessories

1、LCD terminal_RD63X_T70_15WT
2、DB25 female solder wire
3、DB25 shell-soldering wire
4、DB9 male chassis-soldering wire
5、DB15-VGA shell
6、3.81MM-Straight plug-KF-3P socket
7、3.81MM-Straight plug-KF-4P socket
8、3.81MM-Straight plug-KF-6P socket
9、Touch screen 4 core connection cable-1.5m-black


Suitable for hand-held laser oscillator welding, can support up to 2 oscillator axes.