DSP Laser Controller

What is DSP Laser Controller? DSP (Digital Signal Process) means digital signal processing technology, and DSP chip means the chip that can implement digital signal processing technology.DSP chips have an internal Harvard structure with separate programs and data, a special hardware multiplier, extensive pipeline operation, and special DSP instructions that can be used to quickly … Read more


Ruida RDC5121 co2 laser controller is a simple 2-axis co2 laser cutter controller. The interface is easy to operate with a 2.0-inch black and white screen. It can only control two movement axes of XY and realize one laser energy following control at the same time Support USB2.0 and PC communication, and supports U disk … Read more


Ruida RDLC320-A is laser cutting controller, based on high-performance floating 32-bit DSP+FPGA architecture. The co2 laser cutter controller can complete large-scale complex motion control algorithms to achieve continuous path control and position control of multi-axis motion, as well as energy tracking control to maintain laser energy balance at any speed point. Large-scale logic gate array … Read more